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Big Data with Digital Marketing: The Path for successful Multichannel Campaign Management

  As our world continues to saturate many channels in the digital arena, marketers need to use engagement techniques that continue to develop from targeted direct mail to digital marketing for a complete multichannel campaign management strategy. Key Findings Online activity has shifted back to its roots […]

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Happy Memorial Day

2012 has been moving way too fast. As I write this, I am amazed we have just finished celebrating Memorial Day. Please excuse me as I get a bit Patriotic. I would like to take a minute to recognize the ultimate sacrifice our brave Men & Women […]

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First Edge’s Newest Acquisition in the Southeast!

I can happily report, I was in Atlanta last week to finalize our newest acquisition. The company is Print 1 Direct. The courtship began in October of 2009, and after much work behind the scenes for the last few years, the Letter of Intent between the two […]

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It’s all about the data!

We have certainly been traveling through some interesting economic times over the last several years.  Parallel that with a change in the convergence of technologies  in the Print, Direct Mail, Email, Mobile, Social ,Media, Document Management, Marketing, and Multi-Channel Communications firms. One could argue these changes were inevitable.  However, one could […]

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First Edge’s newest…a Full Service e-commerce Marketing site!

We are thrilled to present the newest addition/division of First Edge Solutions…………………drum roll please……………………Our newest division officially live and open for business is eGencee!  Okay, great eGencee, but what is it?  That is our newest engine we have built to create a virtual agency for either specific verticals […]

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WHAT? CBS Money Watch picked up on Meet-Meme!

As we all know, Social Media is one of the hottest sectors right now.  In fact, to put it mildly, it is on FIRE!!  JPMorgan Chase just raised $1.2 billion to invest in only Social Media companies.  I would say that sends a strong signal to the marketplace. We […]

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Great QR Codes Lunch & Learn at First Edge Solutions!

Thank you to all of our customers &  prospects that came to our Lunch & Learn at our First Edge Solutions Milwaukee & Phoenix plants for QR Codes and the future of integrated print on Friday February 11!  What a great success!! Please check out our facebook […]

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The Best Marketing Campaigns Use AT LEAST 3 Channels

I am just winding down a great week.  It started out in Las Vegas for meetings with Hewlett Packard and InfoTrends on Sunday and Monday and then off to our Phoenix plant for Tuesday through Friday meetings…Here I sit on Thursday night happily writing our company blog because of an […]

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Happy Holidays!

I wish you and your loved ones the best this Holiday Season. What a great time to reflect on lessons we have learned through the year, and last few years for that matter as we grind through the back end of the long Great Recession.  I thought […]

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The Economy, by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

Our Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, delivered what I believe was an optimistic speech on our American economy this morning.  Long story short, Bernanke committed to the Fed performing more bond buying over the near future. This link is a light recap from the Wall Street Journal: Overall, his […]

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